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Apr 23, 2010

Early Intervention

Update from Chana:

Today the women from Early Intervention came to help Mommy fill out some paperwork to get us evaluated. Mommy was really hoping that the women would be doing the evaluation today, but that wasn't what actually happened. We think Mommy is worried about our social and language development, but we think that Mommy is just a worrywart. We think we interact fine with each other, we just don't like adults as much.

We went to the pediatrician this week and the doctor said that we have ear infections. I have it in both ears, but Dovid only has it in one ear. Unfortunately, this means that we both have to take antibiotics to clear it up. My eyes had also started to get gooey, but now that I'm taking medicine it's almost all gone! Unfortunately, though, my cough is still bad but I hope it starts to go away soon. Luckily, Mommy figured out that the best way to give us our medicine is mixed with milk. It makes the milk taste like strawberry. YUM!

Update from Dovid:

I just started enjoying bath time! Ziva, our nanny, figured out how to make the water *just* right, and she gave me some toys to play with, so now I think bath time is fun. I was even splashing around a bit during my last bath. What fun! Unfortunately my sister is still not into bath time, so she just sits and cries. Oh well, maybe she'll figure it out soon.

I really didn't enjoy my trip to the pediatrician this week. The doctor was trying to clean out my earwax because she couldn't tell if I had an infection, and I did not like that at all. When she finally got it cleared, she told Mommy that I had an ear infection in that ear. That means medicine, which Chana told you all about. It's not so bad when it's mixed with milk, so that's good.

We'll be sure to update more when the Early Intervention people come back to check on our development!


Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

My babies had their evaluation from Early Intervention a couple of weeks ago. One of the babies is eligible for services in one area, so it's good that we're being active about catching up. They also gave us some helpful suggestions for encouraging specific skills. One thing I really enjoyed was seeing them test skills that the babies already had yet I never registered as skills, such as passing objects back and forth from hand to hand.

Hope your eval goes well!

Set Apart Living Mama said...

Aww my son had early intervention come see him as well since he was born at about 30 weeks. He ended up catching up and even being more advanced than his own age! Sometimes mommies are worrywarts. Its cuz we love you! This such a cute blog! Love it!

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