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May 31, 2010

Early Intervention Update

Update from Chana:
Dovid and I want to let you know the results of our Early Intervention evaluation from a few weeks ago, when we were almost exactly 14 months old. Here's my evaluation:

Adaptive/Self Care: 11 months
Feeding: 11 months
I am still mouthing non-food items (BLOCKS ARE YUMMY), and I drooled a bit while eating Cheerios (also yummy). I like to eat bite-size pieces of food with my fingers, but at that point I wasn't yet biting off pieces of crackers. I think I can do that now, though! The ladies were really impressed that I can swallow with my mouth closed.

Toileting: 11 months
I still wear diapers, although I think Mommy and Daddy would like us to figure out how to use the toilet...

Dressing/Hygiene: 12 months
I cooperate when someone is trying to dress me.

Social-Emotional/Personal-Social/Interaction: 10 months
I'm very curious about people in the room. I made nice eye contact with everyone and laughed when others were laughing. I was VERY excited when my Daddy came into the room and immediately went over to him. I like to make contact with my parents physically and visually. (I think that means that I like to touch and look at them...)

Cognition: 12 months
I easily transitioned from one task to another, and I have a really good, focused attention span. I was fully engaged in whatever tasks they gave me to do.

Communication - Receptive Language: 10 months
I am very aware of sounds in my environment and I hear perfectly well.

Communication - Expressive Language: 12 months
I made an excited sound when my Daddy came into the room, and I laughed and smiled when I was able to perform a task. I make really good eye contact with people and make noises while playing. I'm pretty close to full jargoning (whatever that means...)

Motor - Perceptual/Fine Motor: 10 months
I have a really good pincer grasp, and my movements are purposeful and well coordinated. I am able to use the right amount of force when using my hands and manipulating objects.

Motor - Gross Motor: 13 months
My movements are smooth and purposeful. I move in and out of sitting, kneeling, and standing without a problem, I walk without assistance and I'm very solid in my body.

As you can see, I need a little work on my fine motor, receptive language and social/emotional skills. Not too bad considering I'm a preemie, right? (Besides, I do blog...I mean that has to count for something, too...)

Update from Dovid:
I didn't do quite as well as my sister did, and I need help in a few more areas. Here was my evaluation:

Adaptive/Self Care: 11 months
Feeding: 10 months
I chew well and use my tongue to move Cheerios around my mouth. I also like to explore objects by putting them in my mouth

Toileting: 11 months
I wear diapers, but I'm curious about that seat in the bathroom that flushes...

Social-Emotional/Personal-Social/Interaction: 8 months
I have very good eye contact and looked at everyone in the room. I showed no fear or concern about strangers and easily engaged with everyone.

Cognition: 10 months
I have a very long attention span. I was distracted by people in the room doing other things, but I was able to get back on task quickly. I easily transitioned between tasks and was curious about everything they showed me.

Communication - Receptive Language: 10 months
I can hear sounds, but I don't respond to verbal requests or look at people when they say my name.

Communication - Expressive Language: 7 months
I make noises when I'm excited and protesting sounds when I'm upset. I didn't imitate any verbal sounds.

Motor - Perceptual/Fine Motor: 8 months
I use my fingers to pick up objects, and my movements are smooth and organized. I used my pincer grasp to pick up Cheerios.

Motor - Gross Motor: 13 months
I move in and out of crawling, sitting and kneeling easily, and my movements are fluid and organized. I walk without any trouble and am solid.

So, I need to work on my fine motor, cognition, expressive and receptive language, and social/emotional skills. I have a lot more to work on than Chana does, but I'm confident that I'll catch up!


Peggy B. said...

Thanks for letting us know how the twins are developing. I can't wait to see how much they're going to grow!

Anonymous said...

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