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May 24, 2010

The Hot Mom to Be Handbook Review

Are you just a mom-to-be, or are you a Hot Mom-to-Be?

There are so many books out there that take you through all nine months of pregnancy and tell about everything from fetal development to pregnancy symptoms and more. This book not only takes you through the nine months, but it does so with tips, anecdotes, and must-have (and would-LOVE-to have) products. This is not your average pregnancy book!

Overview of the Book w/ My Opinions

I was hooked on this book from the first page! In each chapter (there are nine - one for each month of pregnancy), there are different sections to help Hot moms-to-be with that month's pressing topics. There are also four special sections in each chapter that highlight special issues. For example, the "Bump on a Budget" sections might include tips on how to save money as well as product ideas that are on the cheaper end of the financial spectrum. The "Eco-Minded Mama" section deals with "green" products and eco-friendly alternatives to commonly used items. "Dads are the New Mom" sections share tips on getting Dad more involved with the baby, and the "$tuff to Drool Over!" sections display higher-end baby items that some moms like to splurge on. The purchasing information is also given for all products mentioned, so there's no need to search!

Another great feature are the journal questions at the end of each chapter. Here is a space to write down your thoughts at every step of your pregnancy, guided by pertinent questions. Some of my favorite questions are "You know you're still you in mind, body, and spirit, even though your body is doing a change-up. Think of your fashion MO and how can you maintain your joy for color and style even with the bump." (chapter 5) and "Describe exactly what is necessary to get your partner to give you that all-important foot massage." (chapter 6)

Favorite Tips/Anecdotes

Chapter 1, pg 29 - 32 - Breaking the News
These are some tips on how to break the news that you're expecting to your hubby and family. My personal favorite (creative one) is: "Leave the positive test on the sink and scrawl on the bathroom mirror, Meet me at Babies 'R Us with your wallet and a U-Haul."

Chapter 2, pg 67 - Hot Mom Checklist: Focus on the Things You Can Control and Let Go of the Things You Can't
This is a checklist of different things that you can (and can't) control that can effect the health of your baby. Some examples on the can list are: "Eat healthy," "Take prenatal vitamins," and "Limit caffeine." On the can't control list, we have: "What you did prior to finding out you were pregnant" and "Your mother-in-law." The point is not to stress on the things you just can't control.

Chapter 3, pg 96 - 101 - Queen Yak (Morning Sickness)
Here we have some great tips on dealing with morning sickness, as well as a hilarious section about "Olympic Freestyle Vomiting." My favorite tips are "Take more vitamin B6," "Squeeze a little lemon juice on your wrists," and "Get more sleep. You are more likely to feel sick when you are tired."

Chapter 4, pg 138 - 153 - Gadgetitis
Nearly this entire chapter is devoted to helping you pick out some necessary pieces of baby equipment: strollers, stroller accessories, stuff for Dad, and diaper bags.

Chapter 5, pg 180 - 186 - What's in a Name?
This section is devoted to helping you pick out the perfect baby name. There are tips on how to deal with other people's baby name suggestions as well as some good ways to make the actual choosing easier. My favorite tip is: "Write down all the names that have meant something to you or your spouse - and then cross out any that produce hives."

Chapter 6, pg 194 - Golf Ball Foot Massage
This is a fantastic way to help ease nausea and "pep up even the most tired of toes."

Chapter 7, pg 231 - 236 - Sex and the Pregnant Woman
I absolutely LOVED this section. It goes through the different problems that couples can face regarding intimacy during pregnancy. What happens if the wife isn't interested? The husband? Both? It helps to overcome some of the fears related to having intercourse during pregnancy, and gives some insight as to reasons why your hubby might be hesitant. The one reason that I loved the most was: "He doesn't know that your orgasms are potentially going to be earth shattering." :-)

Chapter 8, pg 269 - 272 - House Arrest, Commonly Known as Bed Rest
This section has some great tips for women on bed rest. I was on bed rest while pregnant with the twins, and I really wish I had had this book then! There's even a funny section called "You Know You're Over Bed Rest When..." My favorite from there is: "You haven't been this caught up on Days of our Lives since college." (But you know, I'm almost all caught up now and I'm not even on bed rest!)

Chapter 9, pg 302 - 309 - Labor of Love
This section deals with several different methods of laboring: Lamaze, Bradley, Hypnobirthing, Belly Dance, Water Birthing, C-Sections, and Doulas. On the page just preceding this guide, there are some incredible birth facts. My favorite fact is: "Jayne Bleackley holds the record for the shortest interval between births - just 208 days - giving brith to a son on September 3, 1999, and a daughter on March 30, 2000." THAT'S CRAZY!!!!

These are just a sampling of the tips and information given throughout this book, and I highly recommend it for any pregnant woman's library.

About the Author

"Jessica Denay is one of the most sought-after celebrity baby shower planners in the industry. The Hot Moms Club has hosted baby showers and coordinated nurseries for Trista Sutter, Alison Sweeney, Brook and Charlie Sheen and Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty, to name a few. Jessica is the single mom of a nine-year-old boy and the founder of Hot Moms Club, one of the hottest mom groups and websites on the internet. The Hot Moms Club is on the pulse of Hollywood moms trends and celebrity baby products. In addition to contributing monthly to the Mommywood column in Pregnancy magazine, Jessica has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, including The Today Show, Tyra Banks, CNN, The Insider, Access Hollywood, and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few. She and the Hot Moms Club have been quoted and featured in dozens of national publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, People, US Weekly, Redbook, In Touch, Life and Style, Woman's Day, Child, and many more. For more information, visit or"

In a Nutshell

  • Each chapter is not too short and not too long
  • Many tips are things I never read anywhere else
  • Lots of humor thrown in to keep things light
  • Journal pages to write down your thoughts
  • Many great personal stories
  • Tons of products to satisfy all of your baby (and mommy and daddy) needs
  • There are products for *every* budget (and for people who are eco-minded too)
  • A very easy read - keeps your attention and doesn't use "big words"
  • Sorry, no cons here...
Cost: $16.99 + shipping (Can get from Amazon for $11.55 + shipping) ($$ out of $$$$$)

Final Score: 10/10

Bottom line: Go buy this book or have a loved one buy it for you!!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of HarperCollins and received a copy of The Hot Mom to Be Handbook to facilitate my review. Mom Central also sent me a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Abbi said...

wish i'd had this my first time around....I read every book I could find


Peggy B. said...

This book sounds great!! It's too bad I didn't have this when I was having kids. It sounds so helpful!

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