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May 11, 2010

Tuesday Update

Update from Dovid:

I'm having so much fun walking all around the house, but I'm still faster with crawling. If I'm just going a short distance I'll walk, but if I need to go very fast across the room to get through an open door before it closes then I'll crawl. Unfortunately I almost never get through that door before Mommy or Daddy closes it. *cry* They just don't understand how much I *love* the kitchen and laundry room. They're the most exciting rooms in the whole house, and I never get to crawl around in there. It's just not fair...

Update from Chana:

I agree with what Dovid says about walking. It's lots of fun, but crawling is still easier and faster for short distances. Anyway, I'm also getting two molars in on the bottom of my mouth! They hurt a lot, but Mommy says they'll help me chew my food easier. Poor Dovid still only has four teeth and these are my 9th and 10th! I'm *way* ahead of him, which is how you know I'm the big sister.


Peggy B. said...

So great to see that the twins are walking!! Great job!

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