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May 4, 2010

Weekly Update

Update from Chana:

Mommy is almost done with school for this semester! I have missed her so much when she's in class, and I can tell that she would much rather be playing with me at home. Either way, I'm very proud of her, and I just know that she'll get all A's!

I'm still coughing even though I finished my antibiotics from my ear infection. Mommy thinks it's because the mucus loosened up from the drugs. I just think it's annoying because it makes it difficult to sleep well.

Mommy's also really excited because I started imitating the adults recently. They've been imitating me for a while, so I figured it was the thing to do. I can now wave "hello" and "bye bye". When I bit my tongue the other day and it started to bleed, my mommy kept opening her mouth, so I opened mine. She seemed to be quite happy to get a look at my tongue. I guess it's a nice tongue, but it had a cut on it that hurt and was bleeding on and off for a day. Thank goodness it's all better now, and I've learned my lesson to be careful when bouncing in my crib. Next time I'll try not to hit my chin on the railing...

Update from Dovid:

I had an allergic reaction to something this weekend, and it really freaked out Mommy and Daddy. All I know was that I had big hives that were all red and itchy. Then they gave me some cherry flavored stuff to drink and the hives went away. I still don't know why I got all itchy, but Mommy thinks it may have been from the antibiotics I finished on Friday. She says that she's allergic to it, so I might be too.

I also took a few steps the other day, but nothing big. And I haven't been practicing my walking since then. It's just too much work! You have to balance and everything, and I much prefer crawling. Much easier, faster, and less distance to fall.

I also heard Mommy say that she scheduled me a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who saw me for my umbilical hernia a while ago. I never had surgery, and I'm hoping I don't have to, but my belly button still sticks out funny. I also heard that the Early Intervention people are going to come to evaluate us in a few weeks. I'm really excited, because Mommy says they're going to bring me toys to play with!


Unknown said...

Hi Chana and Dovid - do you remember your auntiebeh who loves you so much and would do anything for you?? I'm so impressed that you are both writing on your own blog. You are truly 21st century babybugs. I really really miss you and I hope to come and see you very soon. Love, yourauntiebeh
PS do you want me to bring you anything from Jerusalem?

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a darling blog. I love the design, title and the colors. Happy Friday.

Meg @ A Dash of Nutmeg said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

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