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Jun 8, 2010

Baby Watch

Update from The Fetus:
Mommy and Daddy got to see me on an ultrasound yesterday, and I made sure to wave for the camera even if they couldn't really see it.

Aren't I cute? I'm also 27.5mm long (measuring perfectly for 9w 4d), and my heart beats at 170bpm (which is also perfect). So, it looks like my size caught up with my gestational age.

Mommy also had an appointment to talk to the MFM doctor about her anti-K antibodies, and she and Daddy had blood tests to check that out. They also talked about the possibility of a cerclage and the effects that her cervical fistula could have on the pregnancy. Right now I don't think they know much more than they did when they walked into the appointment, but I'll be sure to keep you updated when we know what's going on there...


Anonymous said...

Something for you today at Baba's:

Peggy B. said...

Thanks for the update!! What a great ultrasound, and I hope all went well with the blood tests.

Abbi said...

Great pics. I'm waving back and good luck

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