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Jul 13, 2010

Lots of Updates and Tooth Soap Winner

First of all, congrats to Michele P., comment #226, on winning our Tooth Soap giveaway!

Thanks for replying to my email so quickly, and good luck to all in our future giveaways!

Update from Mommy:
I have a cold. *sigh* Daddy has a cold too. *sigh* I really don't like being sick. My throat is all scratchy, and I feel icky all over. I know it's just a little cold, but still...I sound like a frog. lol Added to that, the fact that yesterday's rain was causing my internet to go in and out made me a bit grumpy. But no worries, I should be back to my old shenanigans in no time at all.

I listened to the baby's heartbeat on Sunday evening before bed. I was really depressed at how much weight I gained over the weekend (which I lost most of on Monday, but still...) Unfortunately I'm the type of person who could gain five pounds by just looking at a piece of cake. I just don't understand how some people get through their whole pregnancies and gain just a few pounds without even trying. For me, if I eat more than 1500 calories in a day it's as if I ate 3000. My metabolism stinks. lol Oh well, there's nothing I can do except try to make the best food choices possible...which means lots of VitaTops, right?!? Well, it means lots of Special K cereal, PB & J sandwiches (made with whole wheat bread and natural peanut butter), and Skinny Cow ice cream, too. And, of course, scrambled egg with cheese and mushrooms made by my loving hubby. He also serves that with chocolate milk. Where did I get so lucky??

I'm really excited for my ultrasound next week. I'll be 15 1/2 weeks, and maybe we'll get to see what sex the baby is. How exciting!! We'll also get to see how my cervix is holding up (crossed fingers), and I'll get to tell the MFM doctor that VBAC is the way to go for me. :-)

Update from Chana:
I can't remember if I told you already, but I learned how to clap a few weeks ago and I really enjoy doing it! I'm also imitating the grown ups...whenever they put their hands on their heads, I do it too. I've also started to bring them objects that I want to show, and I can say the words "beep" and "uh oh". Apparently it's incredibly cute when I do it, because Mommy always says it right back with a big smile and a hug. I've been doing really well in Early Intervention, too. The woman who comes to visit is really impressed that I can jump up and down (getting my feet off of the ground) without holding onto anything. I think it's because I learned how to jump in my Jumperoo really early, and I've been jumping while holding onto crib rails for a looooong time. I like jumping! It's fun!!

Update from Dovid:
Not to be outdone by my sister, I also learned how to clap. I'm not saying any words yet, but I can whistle (sort of). I put my lips together and suck in air until a soft whistling sound comes out. It's not as good as the grown ups, but I think it's pretty cool. I'm also imitating a lot, but more in gestures than in sounds. Mommy can tell that I know my name because she says it a lot and I usually look at her when she does. She says "Dovid, don't do that!" and "Dovid, come here!" and "Dovid, put that down!" :-)


Michele P. said...

thanks again! Have a wonderful week :)

Josh said...

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