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Jul 8, 2010

Macy Gray CD Winners & Mommy Update

Congrats to our five Macy Gray CD winners!!!

LLL with Leslie,
comment #64
comment #33
comment #78
comment #15
Angel Jacklyn,
comment #123
Good luck in all our future giveaways, and don't forget to reply to my email within 48 hours!

Update from Mommy:
I saw the midwife on Tuesday, and I *really* liked her. My hubby got to come along, too, which was nice. I talked to her about doing a VBAC. She had read the surgical notes and 100% agreed with me that VBAC was the way to go. She said that the prior C-Section was totally fine and that the abruption was probably a "twin thing", both things that I was thinking. She assured me that we would do ultrasound cervical checks for as long as I wanted to, since we don't have a clear idea of whether or not my cervix is truly incompetent and when it might start to funnel (if at all). This way we will catch something if it happens early. Luckily, I don't have any history of pre-mature labor, since I didn't even really go into labor with the twins...although I might have been at 35 weeks, it doesn't count since that's in the normal range for twins. Also, the fact that I had no cervical change from 33 - 35 weeks with the twins (while holding out at 2 cm dilated) is a great sign. We also got to hear the baby's heart beat, which was a perfect 155bpm. All in all it was a fantastic appointment, and I am *so* glad that I'm switching over to the midwife practice.

I'll let The Fetus post later with his/her weekly update!


♥ LLL with Leslie ♥ said...

Thank you so much. I sent you my info.

Have a great day and congrats to all the other winners!!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I saw many midwives in the practice when I was pregnant, and I really loved one of them -- if I knew her outside the doctor's office, I'd totally want to be her friend. It's funny to think how things might have turned out if I hadn't had all of the pregnancy issues with my twins. Before knowing it was twins, I originally wanted a midwife water birth.

All of my many issues also seemed to be "twin things."

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