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Jul 6, 2010

Misikko Giveaway Winner and Pregnancy Update

Big congrats to bayctygirl, comment #81, on winning our Misikko Corioliss Pro Flat Iron giveaway!

Enjoy styling your (and your daughter's) hair!!

Now then, have you been paying attention to my cute little floating baby ticker just to the left? Do you see that said baby is now at 13w 5d?!? That means that I'm officially (and safely B"H) out of 1st trimester! I must say that I have been incredibly lucky in terms of symptoms. I didn't really have any morning sickness. Honestly, I think I got nauseated just a few times, and none of those times were particularly memorable. I think I used one Preggie Pop Drop the whole time. I've just been super tired, which is tough but livable. I get dizzy, usually right after I stand up, but that goes away within a few seconds. I've been craving tuna fish and trying my best not to give in. *sad* But I can't stand the thought of meat or chicken. *ew* My nose hasn't really been acting up, except when it comes to cholent. (TMI here) And my boobs aren't sore at all, but sometimes my nipples are sensitive when I brush by them. That's really it, now that I think of it. So for all of you pregnant women out there who are terrified that something is wrong because you don't have tons of symptoms, just think of me. :-) I checked the baby's heart beat on my doppler on Sunday morning, and it was thumping away! I have an appointment with the midwife today, so I'm looking forward to talking to her. Oh, and speaking of doctors, I need to update you on the C-Section situation!

I spoke with the doc who did my C-Section last week, and he basically told me that my C-Section incision/scar is no bigger than anyone else's. It's the regular low, transverse cut and shouldn't put me at any higher risk of uterine rupture than any other woman doing a VBAC. I am a high risk pregnancy because of my prior placental abruption, but I don't have any risk factors for that this time around. (Last time my only risk factor was the twin pregnancy, and I'm having a singleton now.) That's really the least of my worries, because I won't be nearly as HUGE as I was last time. I was probably close to (or more than) 50cm fundal height by the time I delivered the twins, and I'll be surprised if I get to more than 40cm this time around. Also, the blood vessel that was bleeding during my surgery was a vein on the underside of my uterus. They found it when they took my uterus out of my belly to help it contract. It had nothing to do with the incision, and he has no idea how it started "leaking". So my choice is pretty clear. Doing a VBAC is a MUCH lower risk than having multiple C-Sections, even with my risk factors. I can't wait to shove that in the MFM doctor's face when I see him in a few weeks. :-)


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