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Jul 27, 2010

Twinner Updates

Update from Chana:
Yesterday we had our first play date! We went over to spend some time with our soon-to-be new babysitter and the girls she is currently taking care of. One of those girls will continue to be with us when we start in a few weeks, but the other one is moving on to something else. We had a lot of fun! There were so many toys to play with and books to chew on, and there were so many new things to see. I'm really excited that we're going to have another play date tomorrow, and probably a few more next week as well. Then, in mid-August, we're going to make the official switchover and every day will be a play date! Our new babysitter is going to teach us how to use crayons, how to talk, how to climb, and how to play well with others. It's very exciting!

Update from Dovid:
I also had a lot of fun on the play date, but for a different reason than Chana. I liked it because it was ALL GIRLS!! Me and a room full of girls...some even close to my own age. It was like heaven, really. And with me as the only male, there's no competition which automatically makes me the cutest little boy around. This is going to be a fun year... In other news, Mommy just noticed that I'm getting three more teeth!! This is almost going to double my current amount of teeth (four). The ones she saw are the two on either side of my two front teeth on top, and the tooth just to the right (Mommy's left as she looks at me) of my two bottom teeth. I also learned how to stack one block on top of another. Mommy was so excited she started clapping and yelling. It took a lot of concentration on my part, but it was totally worth Mommy's reaction.


Yenta Mary said...

This is so cute -- I'm so glad it went well! I want every day to be a play date, too ... :)

Twee Poppets said...

Sounds like Dovid is quite the little ladies' man! Not hard to believe, seeing as he is such a cutie patootie! :)

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