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Aug 6, 2010

Big Reveal and Gender Guess Winner!!

Update from The Fetus:
Hi everyone! My mommy and daddy got to see me today on the ultrasound, and boy did we have fun. I was bouncing around, but the ultrasound tech was still able to get all of the shots she needed. The doctor says everything looks perfect and that I am a healthy baby. Yay! I'm a few days behind on the growth, but it's nothing to worry about at all. Here are the pictures you've been waiting for. Enjoy!

This is a profile shot.

And here I am sucking my thumb.

This is another profile shot.

And another profile shot.

These are my feet.

And finally, the one you've all been waiting for...I am a little GIRL!
And the winner of the gender guess giveaway is...J! The only person to guess that my Intelligender said "boy" but that the baby is really a girl. My test turned the green color within seconds, but it was still wrong. lol

See how green that is? Oh well...Mommy didn't follow the directions exactly, so I guess next time she should probably make sure to do that.


Yenta Mary said...

How exciting!!! Mazal Tov!!!

JustCorey said...


I didn't want ot find out the gender of my baby. I had a different doctor just a few days before my son was born (he was born two weeks before due date). The doc asked if i knew and i told him i was waiting, then he said if he was a betting man he would say i was having a girl... two days later i had a baby boy :)

I will probably always remember that

JustCorey said...

do the directions on the intelligender say not to ingest?

Elana Kahn said...

Yeah, you're not supposed to ingest it. You pee into a cup, insert some pee into the Intelligender test and then swirl it around. You never open the Intelligender test.

Twee Poppets said...

Wow, I didn't know there was even such a thing as a gender prediction test! How accurate is it supposed to be? Congrats on your baby girl. :)

audreyscountrycrafts said...

Congrats on the baby girl :) Now you just have to pick a name. We had a girl's name picked less than a month after I was pregnant with our first child. Wouldn't you know it - we ended up with 2 boys! LOL
Wouldn't trade them for a girl. But hoping one of them gives me a granddaughter some day.

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