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Aug 26, 2010

Sick Babies

The twins are sick. Both have fevers over 100°F, although since having the latest dose of Tylenol they are both smiling and laughing at Daddy (who is spraying them with water from a bottle). I'm using the Tylenol suppositories rather than the liquid because our last experience with the liquid was not a great one. The twins would spit the liquid out and therefore not get the dose. And you can't try again with another dose because then you risk over-medicating (which can be REALLY bad). Also, if they throw up the dose, it's gone, and once again you can't give the dose again. Suppositories are simple...they go in, you hold them there for 5 mins, they stay in and get the dose. I've never had them poo one out before, so no worries there, and so far it seems to be working.

Chana threw up once earlier, but so far Dovid hasn't. *fingers crossed* Both have been really tired today, sleeping a lot, and both have been pretty grumpy too. (You would be too if you had a fever...) Neither of them want to drink the Pedialyte. I can tell they really want milk, but I'm nervous about having either of them gak it back up. So we tried water...they don't want that either. They did, however, both have a whole bunch of saltines for dinner. So that's good and hopefully will keep their tummies settled for the night. Now we hope that they'll actually sleep through the night. *fingers crossed again*

*sigh* I hate it when they're makes me sad. :-(


jc said...

It makes me terribly sad too when my kids are sick. Sending lots of hugs to the twins and praying that they will get well soon. Take care yourself.

Lucky Jones said...

Ugh that sounds terrible... I think Riley is coming down with something too - she's been lethargic and clingy today...

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