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Aug 19, 2010

tag*a*long Winner and Baby Update

Congrats to Angie, comment #12, on winning our tag*a*long giveaway!!!

Update from The Fetus:
Mommy has another ultrasound tomorrow, and if you're lucky she might post some ultrasound photos then.
  • By the end of this week I will weigh about 10.5 ounces (300g) and measure about 7.2 inches (18cm) from crown to rump and about 10 inches from crown to toe.
  • I still move about freely in amniotic fluid.
  • I may respond to external sounds, such as the music Mommy is listening to or her voice.
  • My bone marrow is making some red blood cells already,and the white blood cells that I need to fight infections are being manufactured, too.
  • I am developing taste buds on my tongue.
  • My digestive system is sufficiently advanced to absorb water and sugar from the amniotic fluid that I swallow and pass it to my large bowel.
  • I have lanugo hair on my forehead and upper lip and my eyebrows are thickening.
  • Vernix (the waxy substance that covers and protects my skin) is accumulating on my eyebrows.
  • My eyes are still sealed shut.
  • I continue to grow and develop and my kicking is getting stronger now.
  • Beginning this week, my sleep begins to settle into identifiable patterns.
  • My brain is growing very quickly, especially the structure deep in the center of the brain responsible for producing brain cells. This structure will disappear shortly before my birth.
  • My general growth pattern is starting to slow down, but different organs will continue to mature. My heart will get stronger, and my legs will reach the correct proportions.


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