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Aug 10, 2010

Update and HOTmilk winner!

Big congrats to Jes, comment #252 on winning our HOTmilk Maternity/Nursing Lingerie giveaway!

We hope you enjoy the camisole set!

We are SOOOO close to 500 Google Followers, so I am thinking about doing a special 500 follower giveaway. I'm still thinking about what it could be, but I will update you when I figure that out. :-)

Update from Mommy:
I have a neat story to tell you from Sunday night. My hubby and I were getting ready for bed--I was already lying in bed, and he was in the refrigerator getting me an ice pack for my head (ugh migraines). I was resting my hands on my belly when all of a sudden I felt someone tapping my hands. I couldn't feel it from the inside, which was weird, since I could totally feel it from the outside. When my hubby came into the room I told him to rest his hands on my belly while I put the ice pack in its cloth cover. He did that and then started giggling. I asked him if he could feel her kicking, and he said that he could even though I still wasn't feeling it from the inside. Very cool! Especially since most people can't feel kicking from the outside until much later...we just happened to catch it just at the right time. Yay baby!! Now if we can just decide on a name for her, we'll be all set. :-)


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