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Sep 23, 2010

More Holidays

This week we begin the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. During this holiday we eat all meals outside in a hut made of 3 walls with only leaves for a roof. It's a truly wonderful and joyous holiday, and of course there's a ton of food. :-) Because of the holiday, I'm actually not at the computer. Luckily, Blogger is awesome and all giveaways (as well as this post) will be posted on time due to being able to schedule posts. Yay!

As for the twins, they are both doing so well in day care and with Early Intervention. They pick up new words all of the time and demonstrate how much they've learned and understand. I am so excited about this!!! I'm going to have to make a big list of their words so I can keep track.

The baby-to-be is also doing well. I have another ultrasound next week, so we'll get to check her growth and make sure she has no plans for an early exit. :-) I love feeling her kick, but because she's posterior and breech, I don't feel her very often. Ahh well.

Have a good end of your week, everyone!


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