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Sep 2, 2010

Not Again!!

My son is sick.  This morning he coughed and gagged right after he woke up, and then he did the same thing at daycare.  Except at daycare he actually threw up twice.  The babysitter noticed that he was tired and just lay there in her arms rather than being held and looking around actively.  Since he appeared to be sick, I was going to pick him up early but just had to run a few errands (get Pedialyte at CVS, pick up something from work since I'd have to stay home, get gas in the car...).  But, by the time I got home, the babysitter called to say he was sleeping and didn't want to disturb him.  So I was able to do work at home for a while.  She called a bit later to say that he was awake and seemed to be feeling better, so she fed him some pasta for lunch. He was ok for a while, but she noticed that he started to feel warmer, so she called me to see if I wanted to take his temperature. I said not at that moment, but that if she thought it was getting still warmer that I'd come over. A bit after that, around 3:30pm, she called to say that he had vomited again. So I went over and got him. I took his temperature when we got home...102.8°F. Yikes! I gave him some Tylenol, packed him in the car and went to pick up my hubby. When we got home, the hubby went to pick up Chana and I took Dovid's temperature again. Down to 101.2°F! Yay for Tylenol! He was also acting and feeling better, so that's good. While the Tylenol was in his system, he was golden...but once it started to wear off, his temp went back up and he threw up again. *sigh* His temperature was back up to 102.5°F before bed, so he got another Tylenol and then passed out on his Boppy pillow. *sigh* Poor baby!!

For goodness sakes, Twinners!  I can't have someone getting sick every week!  Please stay healthy!!


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