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Oct 7, 2010

27 Weeks Means...

3rd trimester!!! Wow. I just can't believe I'm actually entering 3rd trimester today. This pregnancy has just flown by, and before you know it it will be baby time. ACK!

Here is this week's update on chances of complications:

Survival: 80%
Respiratory Distress Syndrome: 84%
Intraventricular Hemorrhage: 16%
Sepsis: 36%
Necrotizing Enterocolitis: 10%
Intact, long-term survival: 70%

So, things are looking great! And I had an appointment with the OB today since the midwife I saw last time wanted me to meet with the OB at least once just in case I need some type of intervention during the birth. The OB says that everything is going wonderfully with the pregnancy--my blood pressure is perfect, the baby's heartbeat is perfect, my fundal height is perfect (28cm)--and I can be seen solely by the midwives from now on! She also said that I'm a great candidate for a VBAC. Yay!!


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