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Oct 5, 2010

Good Golly!

Have you been keeping up with my fetus ticker? I'm going to be in 3rd trimester in just a few days and I'm already in the double digits (in terms of number of days left until my due date). ACK!!!

I've been looking on Craigslist for a drop side crib to use for the new baby, since I want to use the twins cribs as toddler beds and drop side cribs have all these recalls on them. The problem is I just can't use a crib without a drop side. I'm too short!! We've never had an issue with our cribs, so I'm going to be a bad mommy and get another drop side. :-) I'm also considering getting a second changing table to have upstairs where the twins will be sleeping, just in case they need a random change up there...but changing tables aren't exactly toddler proof, so that might not happen. I need their room to be 100% toddler proof because once I change them over to toddler beds, I'm going to put a gate up at the entrance to their room and let them roam free in there. YIPE! Twinners roaming free is a scary thought. lol We also want to get a new baby swing, most preferably an old-school style Graco crank swing since you can use it on Shabbos! We had borrowed one from a friend to use with the twins, but another of her friends is currently using it, and I'd really like to get one of my own anyway.

The fetus is also doing very well. She's kicking like mad, and I love it! But sometimes she's burrowing into my lower abdomen and it HURTS! (Like right now...calm down in there kiddo!!) In any case, we're getting super excited.


Susan said...

Very exciting! I am tagging all my daughter's baby stuff for a consignment event that starts tomorrow and it is bringing back all sorts of memories from the first few years. Time sure flies by! Good luck finding a crib and swing!

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