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Oct 18, 2010

Looping Lullabies by Lullatone Review & FREEBIE

I'm very lucky that my kids go to sleep without any fuss, but not all parents have bedtime so easy. Many children need something extra to soothe them to sleep, but it can be difficult to find a good collection of lullabies to do the trick.

The band Lullatone just released a new collection of super soft lullabies. To make the tracks super sleepy, they used womb sounds, soft white noise, heartbeats and more. Also awesome is the fact that all of the songs are loop-able, so you can seamlessly repeat them. Lullatone also realized that many parents are having some monetary difficulties right now, so the album costs whatever you want it to. So if you spent all of your money on diapers or milk, you can still download the songs for free. (They are parents too, so they totally understand!)

My Take
I'm going to fall asleep writing this, because the lullabies are putting me to sleep. They are so calming that even an adult will be affected. Do not put this on while driving!! (No, I'm not even joking...) The tunes that Lullatone recorded are all familiar: Twinkle Twinkle, Rock-a-bye Baby, London Bridge, etc. And really, if this won't put a baby to sleep then nothing will.

Cost: You can download all of the tracks for FREE by clicking here! But, you are encouraged to support Lullatone by paying whatever you can afford for the album.

Overall: We give Lullatone's Looping Lullabies a 10/10!


Nell said...

This is very generous! Thank you!

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