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Oct 19, 2010

Oliver's Labels Review

We have a lot of trouble with labeling the food containers we send with the twins to day care. I tried writing on the outside with permanent marker, but after repeated washing this has faded almost to nothing. Oliver's Labels sent us a sample pack of their high quality waterproof labels to test out.
My Take
We used all of the larger labels on the food containers we use for the twins. (See picture below). Then, we used some of the skinny labels on our new sippy cups. The labels are supposedly dishwasher- and laundry-safe and are supposed to never fade, scuff or peel, so I put the labels to the test...and unfortunately didn't do so well. I washed one of the food containers 24 hours after I put a label on it, and it was so easy to just peel the label right off. *sigh* I was so sad and tried to find a better spot for the label where maybe it wouldn't peel off so easily next time. (Truth be told, I put the label on an uneven surface and accidentally touched the sticky part before putting it on, so I did not follow the directions 100%, but there really wasn't an even surface on the entire container.) In the future, I'm also going to avoid actively trying to peel the label off, and see if it eventually comes off on its own. Since I can't use these particular dishes in the dishwasher, there's no way to test how it would hold up in there, but I want to put some of the clothing labels we received onto the twins' winter jackets and see if the labels stay on in the wash.
The labels themselves are super cute and come in many different designs. They also have the option to put a personalized number on your labels so if something you labeled gets lost, whoever finds it can contact Oliver's Labels and return your item. It's actually free to get that, which is really awesome.
Cost: A pack of 40 regular labels is $19.99 + shipping. ($$$$)

Overall: We give Oliver's Labels a 7/10.

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Cecette said...

That is too bad that it didn't work on your containers...I hope the ones for their jackets work better. Though I think that personalized number is a great idea!

Nell said...

This reminds me that I am going to have to figure out about what to do about labeling stuff when my baby is a bit older.

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