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Oct 3, 2010

United States Trivia Pack Review

All 50 United States Trivia Pack. 750 trivia questions and answers for just $19.95!
I love trivia games, and I recently came across fun facts about the United States as 50 printable trivia games. The questions are appropriate for teen - adult players, and each game contains 15 trivia questions and answers about a state of the Union. Questions include funny laws and customs, geographical features, state trees, flowers and slogans, tourist attractions, historical highlights, famous people, Presidents and much, much more! No matter what the occasion, there's a game here to enjoy. The whole family will love these fun and testing United States Trivia games.

My Take
I was sent the full United States Trivia Pack with all 50 states. I took a look at several of the states and was really impressed with the questions themselves. I was stumped on most of them, including my own state. For example, did you know that Fig Newtons were named after the city Newton, Massachusetts? Yum!

What I was not impressed with were the mistakes I found. For example, in one of the games there was no answer for question 15. In another, one of the questions was not even remotely related to the answer given. In a third, the question was badly worded, so I had no idea what it was asking for. I noticed some typographical errors as well. But, if you can live with the few mistakes, these trivia sheets would be great fun for an adult game.

Update: I received an email from Python Printable Games who are going to proofread the quizzes to make sure that all errors are corrected. They've also asked me to email them the things I found so they can be fixed. Two thumbs up!

Python Printable Games also has games for Halloween, Thanksgiving, slumber parties, birthdays, camping, BBQ parties, and picnics. All printables are delivered instantly via encrypted download as an email link, you can make an unlimited number of copies, and there are no hidden costs or shipping charges. So if you're having impromptu guests, and you need a way to entertain them, you can count on Python Printable Games for a quick and fun solution.

Cost: The United States Trivia Pack is $19.95 for all 50 printable trivia games. ($$$$$)

Overall: We give Python Printable Games and their United States Trivia Pack an 8/10.

We don't have any trivia packs to give away, but EVERYONE can download some FREE coloring pages and trivia questions here. Enjoy!

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