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Dec 19, 2010

BSW Toy Design it Yourself Bowls Review

I'm not a particularly artistically creative person, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy creating artwork. Sure, it might look as though a third grader did it, but I can still be proud of my creations. I even took a pottery class the summer I was pregnant with the twins! BSW Toy, Inc. has these really neat Design it Yourself Bowls as part of their SmArt Studio line of products. These are a set of two ceramic snack bowls that you can paint and personalize. The kit also comes with safe, ceramic paints in 6 colors and a paintbrush to decorate your special bowls. Once you've finished painting you can then bake it in your oven to set the design.
My Take
This activity is perfect for kids aged 7 and up. The bowls appear to hold about a cup of food, which is a great size for cereal or snacks. The painting part is pretty straight forward - the brush is small, so it's great for detail work; there's a small amount of each paint color, but it should be enough to paint the two bowls. It comes with blue, green, purple, red, yellow and white paints. Once the paint has been left to dry for 2 hours, you can then put it in the oven. This part is super easy: just set the oven to 300°F and bake for 30 minutes. Once they're done, make sure to let them cool for 20 minutes before handling them so you don't burn yourself. Now you have your very own personalized bowls!! When you use them, make sure to only hand wash the bowls - no dishwasher or the paint will fade and peel.

This is an incredibly fun project, one that any child will enjoy. It's the perfect present this holiday season for the youngsters in your life. I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive gifts that kids will love, and this is right toward the top of my list this year. So, if you're looking for a fun activity that won't break the bank, check out this and other products at BSW Toy, Inc.

BSW Toy, Inc. is also offering The Twinners readers 20% off their next order. Just input promo code "winner20" at checkout. This code is good till December 27!

Cost: You can buy BSW Toy's Design it Yourself Bowls for $19.99 + shipping. ($$$$)

Overall: We give BSW Toy's Design it Yourself Bowls a 9/10!

We were sent the Design it Yourself Bowls free of charge for the sole purpose of this review; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.


stanech said...

What a great idea! I do a lot of crafts with children for Sunday school and I think this would be a fun and useful one.

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