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Dec 17, 2010

Say Mmm Review

One thing I am absolutely terrible about is meal planning. I can never think of what dishes to make, what would go well as a side dish, or what would be the easiest and least time consuming meal to actually cook. With Say Mmm I don't need to worry about that...or my shopping list!
My Take
Now then, what should I make for dinner? Well, the easy way for me to figure that out is to login to Say Mmm. I can plan meals for just today or for the whole week at once. They also have a ton of recipes already in their database which I can choose from, or I can add my own. Their recipes are easy to follow, so even a cooking novice will be able to make the dishes perfectly. You can also sort their recipes by type of dish (appetizer, meat, fish, etc) or by type of cuisine (American, Italian, etc), but if you want something specific you can search for it as well. Then, add your own recipes for complete personalization. Once you've planned your meals, you can then create a grocery shopping list. Adding to the list is very easy, and you can add products right from your planned meals, frequently purchased products or by commonly bought items. With the plus membership you can even track prices of items, which will help you stay within your grocery budget.

One of my favorite features is the calorie tracker. Once a recipe is entered, the system calculates how many calories would be in a serving. You can then track exactly how many calories you're eating over the course of a day (provided you add all extra snacks to the planner). Also, Say Mmm posts new recipes every week so you can prepare new dishes for your family and avoid getting bored with meal time. With the plus membership you can also save as many of your own recipes as you would like.

Cost: You can use Say Mmm absolutely free. You can also try Say Mmm Plus for a two-week trial for free, but if you'd like to continue to use the calorie counter or price tracker past the trial period you will need to buy a plus membership for $3/month. ($$)

Overall: We give Say Mmm a 10/10!

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We were given a six month trial of Say Mmm Plus free of charge for the sole purpose of this review; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Say Mmm for this review.


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