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Jan 16, 2011

Clic-It Diaper Bag Organization System Review

I've been using a basic diaper bag to send things to day care for the twins, so I needed a different one to use for the new baby. The Clic-It Diaper Bag is designed with organization, versatility and convenience as its top priority. It features a quick release clip system, two front pockets, a large back pocket, two side bottle pockets, two interior pockets, stroller loops, an easy-wipe interior, seven quick release posts, a large, removable changing pad, a zip-off messenger flap, and a 2-in-1 adjustable shoulder strap & belt. The changing pad that comes with the diaper bag has an easy wipe lining, five pockets (for storing wipes, diapers & other essentials) and an additional handle for easy carrying. There are also numerous additional click-on accessories that you can buy to fully outfit your diaper bag. There's a bottle holder, an insulated tote, a pacifier case, a diapers & wipes case, an organizer pouch, a gadget case, and a keyring. All accessories attach to the Clic-It Diaper Bag with the Clic-It quick release clip system.

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My Take
I was so excited to try out the Clic-It Diaper Bag Organization System, because it has room for everything I need to bring with me, and things inside are very easily found. No more rummaging around inside the diaper bag searching for hidden items! Everything is right at my fingertips. I love how I can click on whichever accessories I need. Since we're not using bottles, I leave that one off, but I make sure to always have my wipes case handy! Because it has so many pockets and quick release posts, I don't need to bring my purse along with the diaper bag. I just stick my wallet and cell phone into the organizer pouch, click it on, and I'm good to go. Or I can leave the pouch off and just put things into the pockets. Because everything is compartmentalized, I never have to go searching for things I need. It takes so much less time to change diapers on-the-go, and items don't go missing.
Overall: We give the Clic-It Diaper Bag Organization System a 9.5/10!


Marzena said...

This bag allow to keep baby's belongings in order

Marzena said...

I follow Clic-It on Facebook (Marzena Sz)

Marzena said...

I follow @clicitbag as @marzutek

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