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Mar 29, 2011

"Sand to Pearls" Book Review

Sand to Pearls
About the Book:
"Do you wish that you had a blueprint for a rich, fulfilling life? Many of us mistakenly think that if we were prettier, smarter, had less obligations or a fulfilling romantic relationship we would, at last, be joyful and content.

Chasing after false illusions of success can propel us to make unwise and detrimental choices. Often we remain stuck in our uncertain reality because we don't know how to move forward. Blinded by our insecurity, we forget that G-d has the potential and power to intervene and guide us toward wiser, fulfilling choices for our future.

International speaker and author of Beauty Unleashed, Heidi McLaughlin shares from her personal discoveries about how G-d can turn resentment into freedom, regrets into rejoicing, and shame into radiance."

About the Author:
"For over two decades, Heidi McLaughlin, international speaker and author...has been teaching, mentoring, and inspiring women to discover their most valuable, unexpected gift: the endowment of their genuine, beautiful self. This passion emerged through her personal discovery of how G-d restores all our brokenness and then helps us to unleash our full potential and beauty. Her favorite activity is sitting across from a woman over a freshly brewed cup of coffee and exchanging heart connection stories."

You can follow Heidi on Twitter and become her friend on Facebook.

My Take:
Sand to Pearls is a wonderful book about personal growth through allowing G-d into our lives. It teaches about what things we think that are irrational and lead to fulfillment, resentment and even depression. And then it shows how to get past that by asking G-d for His help.

This is a book geared toward Christian living, but as I've said before, religious Christian and religious Jewish morals tend to be very similar. Even passages from the New Testament can help a Jewish person with moral guidance, since the ideas presented there are similar to ones you would find in the Torah.

I love how Heidi begins each chapter by presenting what it is we have all been doing wrong while giving personal accounts of how she went wrong...and then turned onto the correct path. Then, she gives us choices that are meant to enrich our lives. For example, in chapter 5 (Resentment or Sweet Reasonableness - which happens to be the chapter that most spoke to me) one of these choices is "Your husband forgot to take out the garbage - again. Choose to overlook it; the world will not come to an end." This can apply to so many things. No one is perfect, so overlooking the small errors that a spouse makes can lead to a much happier marriage.

After the choices, she shows us how to "Stop and ask G-d to help...change sand to pearls." She uses the acronym of STOP - Scripture, Thanksgiving, Observation and Prayer - to guide a person through the way to change. For example, in chapter 5, you begin by asking "G-d, what resolved hurt is causing me to feel resentment?" Then, you go through the STOP steps to obtain His help.

Sand to Pearls is a very helpful book on practical living and how to become a better, more "bold" person. Choosing a path that leads to your own inner happiness while walking with G-d.

Cost: You can buy Sand to Pearls for $11.04 from ($$$)

Overall: We give Sand to Pearls a 9/10!

We were sent Sand to Pearls free of charge for the sole purpose of this review; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by Heidi McLaughlin for this review.


Heidi at Heart Connection said...

Reading the review of my book, SAND TO PEARLS, made we feel as though we were having a cup of coffee and sharing "heart connection" stories. Thank you for capturing the essence of my passion for women, young and old, to life fulfilling, joyful lives. You have truly blessed me today. THANK YOU...Heidi McLaughlin

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