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Mar 10, 2011

Site2You Review

Are you looking to create and design a website but don't really know where to start? Well, at Site2You your website is only a few clicks away. Site2You is an easy-to-use website builder based on high quality design templates. You can sign up for a Free 7 Day trial at the website to try it yourself!

My Take
I decided to try out Site2You and see if I would be able to build myself a website for my side business, Names Unlimited. Right now the website is built on Blogger and doesn't look very professional. I wanted to make sure there's some way to order my pictures on the website, but I would most likely use a PayPal cart for that which is fairly easy to integrate.

First, I chose my website design template. There were several pages of options to choose from, and I found one that I liked. Then, I entered my email address and was almost immediately sent a confirmation email. Once I confirmed my email address, I could start editing my website.

The template was very easy to personalize. Just click on the item you want to change and a pop-up allows you to do just that. It was simple and very user friendly. It took very little time to input my company's information exactly where I wanted it on the page and edit things. The template also came with fields pre-written in, so if you're a lawyer, restaurant, or other small business, you may not need to change all of the text boxes.

For my purposes, however, the website didn't feel like it would work as a store as well as Blogger would. It's much more suited to a small business that just needs a web presence in order to be more visible to potential customers. There are pages already created for a business to describe the services they offer, tell more about the company's history and provide contact information. It's really a great service for someone that does not have experience in web design and wants a site created for less money that it would cost to hire someone to design a completely personalized website and then periodically update that website.

Cost: Site2You's Premium Plan is $49.95 per month. ($$$$$)

Overall: We give Site2You a 7.5/10.

We were compensated to write this post, nevertheless all opinions expressed are truthful and my own.


Sarah Osborne said...

I like that there is a free trial period so you can see if you like it.

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