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Mar 6, 2011

Slim Down Sunday

I did so much better on my diet this week. Apparently I really prefer eating the same thing every day rather than varying things up. I found the things I enjoy eating, and just basically did that every day (except Shabbos). Now if I can figure out a way not to eat like crazy on Shabbos, then I might even lose more weight. lol
Last week's weight 2/27: 177.6 lbs (BMI 37.1)
Today's weight 3/6: 174.4 lbs (BMI 36.4)
Weekly weight loss: 3.2 lbs
Total weight lost: 6 lbs

Mini Goal weight: 141 lbs (pre-pregnancy weight)
Pounds to go: 33.4 lbs
Ultimate Goal weight: 100 lbs
Pounds to go: 74.4 lbs

So far so good! I've now averaged 2 lbs per week, since I had that awful week and didn't lose anything. Hopefully I'll keep going at this rate!


*ashley* said...

shabbat used to kill me with hallah...i could obviously eat a whole loaf! i miss hallah though-since i've moved out on my own, I haven't lit candles or had hallah or's kind of sad

Sarah Osborne said...

Way to go! I've never heard of shabbos :)

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