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Mar 13, 2011

Slim Down Sunday

We had a so-so week this week. I lost a whole bunch of weight at the beginning of the week but then put back on a pound, leaving me only about a pound lighter than the week before. The plus side was that although it felt to me as though I ate like a pig on Shabbos, I didn't actually gain any weight. Yay!
Last week's weight 3/6: 174.4 lbs (BMI 36.4)
Today's weight 3/13: 173.2 lbs (BMI 36.2)
Weekly weight loss: 1.2 lbs
Total weight lost: 7.2 lbs

Mini Goal weight: 141 lbs (pre-pregnancy weight)
Pounds to go: 32.2 lbs
Ultimate Goal weight: 100 lbs
Pounds to go: 73.2 lbs

Here's to another week! I would really love to be out of the 170's by the end of March...let's see if I can do it!!


Sarah Osborne said...

I just noticed that your ultimate goal weight is 100 lbs! Wow...I hope you're short. I'm 5'7 so I would have to be anorexic to weigh 100 lbs :)

Unknown said...

Congrats Elana! (Oh, did I miss the winners for the give-a-ways that ended on Feb 28th?)

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