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Apr 10, 2011

Listia Auctions

Auctions for free stuff at
Have you checked out Listia? It's a new members-only site where everything is free and you can get some cool stuff without spending any money. Basically, you give away the things you no longer need, and get things you want for free!

Everything on the website is done using free credits instead of real money. Most people start with 450 credits, but because I'm so awesome, you'll get 550 credits when you start by clicking this link.

I really love the site and am sure you will too! I've already listed a whole bunch of things - mainly books I've reviewed right here on The Twinners. So, have you seen a book review of mine and really wanted to read the book? Well now's your chance! All of my listings have FREE shipping to the US, too! Here's a list of everything I currently have up for auction:
Don't forget to become my "fan" while you're on the site!

And now for the good part...

Anyone who signs up for Listia and becomes my "fan" will get FIVE entries into EVERY giveaway I run.

Also, anyone who signs up for Listia and completes their own auction will get an ADDITIONAL TEN entries into EVERY giveaway I run.

I may also state in a giveaway that I'm giving away my copy of the book (or other item) through Listia. If this is the case, bidding on that item through Listia will get you an ADDITIONAL FIVE entries into the giveaway!

(Two notes: 1) If you win a giveaway and also win on Listia, I will refund you the credits on Listia - unless you want two of the same item. 2) These extra entries are only applicable when I explicitly state in the giveaway about them, which should be in just about every giveaway.)


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I enjoyed looking around and can’t wait to see your future posts! I’m a new follower btw.

Carolyn said...

Cool blog!

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