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May 8, 2011

Slim Down Sunday

And, we're back in the game! I'm down almost 2 lbs since last week! :-)
Last week's weight 5/1: 159.2 lbs (BMI 32.7)
Today's weight 5/8: 157.4 lbs (BMI 32.3)
Weekly weight loss: 1.8 lbs
Total weight lost: 23 lbs

Mini Goal weight: 141 lbs (pre-pregnancy weight)
Pounds to go: 16.4 lbs
Ultimate Goal weight: 100 lbs
Pounds to go: 57.4 lbs

I guess my scale was telling the truth last week! I'm actually down almost 2 lbs since last week. I started taking a new supplement, which I'll be reviewing soon. I just want to make sure I take it for a while (maybe even the whole month) just to see what kinds of positive effects it has on weight loss and milk production.


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