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Jul 6, 2011

"The Immortality Virus" Book Review & Giveaway CLOSED

About the Book:
"In the mid-21st century, the human race stopped aging. Those who know why aren’t talking, and the few who are brave enough to ask questions tend to disappear. To an elite few, The Change means long life and health, but to the ever-increasing masses, it means starvation, desperation, and violence.

Four centuries after The Change, Grace Harper, a blacklisted P.I., sets off on a mission to find the man responsible for it all and solicit his help to undo The Change — if he’s still alive. To complicate matters, Grace’s employer is suspected of murdering his father, and when the police learn of their connection, they give her a choice — help them find the evidence they need to convict Matthew Stanton, or die. But if they discover Grace’s true mission, they won’t hesitate to kill her in order to preserve their shot at immortality."

About the Author:
"Christine Amsden has been writing for as long as she can remember, and always with an element of the strange or speculative. She believes we can learn a lot about ourselves when we see what real people do in extraordinary situations. Christine is a native of St. Louis who now lives in the Kansas City area with her husband and two children."

My Take:
The Immortality Virus is a fantastic book!! If only it were true... I don't know about you, but I always wished I could be immortal, although after reading this book I realize that immortality is not all it's cracked up to be! If you think the economy is bad now, if you think there aren't enough jobs, enough food, or enough housing, then think about what would happen if people stopped aging around 25 and almost no one around you was dying. Well, at least it means I wouldn't have to go through menopause, and I could have a hundred children (or more)!

For Grace Harper, she would much rather have things go back to the natural way of things, but reversing The Change isn't as easy as finding the person who brought it about in the first place. She goes on adventure after adventure and finds herself in several sticky situations...most of which she's lucky to get out alive from! All of the characters in the book are believable, the plot moves quickly, and the prose is easy to read and understand.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I think I may read it again just for fun! It's a great suspense/mystery book that I'm sure you will enjoy as well.

Cost: You can buy The Immortality Virus from for $14.78.

Overall: We give The Immortality Virus a 10/10!

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We were sent copy of the book "The Immortality Virus" free of charge for the sole purpose of this review; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.


debbie said...

I would love to read it, it sounds like a fun read.

ann said...

I would like to win this book it sounds very interesting.


Maude Lynn said...

From the site, Abithica sounds interesting!

Karen said...

Abithica Sounds interesting :)

Karen Gonyea
ktgonyea at

Bee W Bedard said...

I think I might like Abithica

rhonda1111 said...

soapmasters aprentice

Michele P. said...

read the chapter excerpt on Abithica and it sounds good

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Patti P said...

I would loveto read this as well as Gate to Nowhere. I love time travel.


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