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Aug 10, 2011

More Tips for Losing the Baby Weight

More Tips for Losing the Baby Weight

by Debbie Morgan
Founder, Delta Labs

You have just given birth to a beautiful new baby - Congratulations! Like most new moms, you will soon be thinking about losing some of that extra weight that you gained during pregnancy and toning up a bit. That's a great idea, but remember; you will get where you want to be soon enough. Be happier and healthier by not rushing things. In a recent story, Jessica Alba (actor) said that she basically starves herself which is not a very healthy way to get back in to pre-pregnancy shape.

Here are a few useful tips to help you lose the baby weight safely, sensibly and effectively.

Set realistic goals.

For many women, having a baby creates permanent changes in their shape. We have to be realistic ladies! If you were not a super model before pregnancy, chances are you won’t be one after. It is common to experience a slight widening of the hips and an increase in the waistline. Also, you may find that your belly is a little softer. These things are normal. Your goal should be to get as close to your pre-pregnancy shape as possible. Though it is not impossible to regain that original shape, it is an unrealistic goal. Do your best. That is all that you should expect from yourself.

Don’t be in a hurry.

What’s the rush? There are many important health considerations associated with your weight loss program that affect both you and your baby. A diet that is too drastic or too fast can result in an assortment of negative symptoms ranging from diminished energy levels, severe mood fluctuations, improper nourishment for your baby and more. It may also release stored toxins into the bloodstream. Most new mothers require around 2,000 calories each day to maintain good health; nursing mothers need even more. At that rate, you will lose weight, and at a rate that is good for both of you.

Choose what you eat carefully.

Foods containing fat are high in calories. However, certain types of fat are important part of a healthful diet. The keys are to minimize you fat intake and to choose fatty foods that contain unsaturated fats, like what is found in olive and canola oil, avocados, nuts and fatty fishes like salmon. There are certain foods that you should NOT be eating (like shellfish), and you should speak to your doctor for a complete list of these foods.

Be careful of what you drink too. It is important to keep up your fluid intake but fruit juices and sodas contain lots of calories. It's also important to avoid caffeine, as this can be passed through the breast milk if you're nursing. Unfortunately, taking caffeinated tea, coffee or green tea supplements are recommended to boost your weight loss, but this cannot be an option for nursing moms.

Instead, try using a non-caffeinated postnatal weight loss supplement that's safe to take while nursing.

Exercise (carefully)

Watching your calories is only part of the plan. An effective approach to help lose weight after pregnancy combines sensible eating and a well thought-out postnatal exercise plan. This also ensures that the pounds you lose come from fat and not muscle.

Wait until you are ready. before you start dieting, give your body the time it needs to recover from the stress of childbirth. For most women, that is usually around their six week checkup. If you are nursing, wait for two months or so. Beginning too soon after delivery can sap you of strength and energy.

Debbie Morgan is the founder of Delta Labs, a natural health and wellness company.


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