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Nov 3, 2013

Kidecals Review

We've been having some trouble with keeping meat and milk pots and pans separate lately. Two lovely women are now living in our house to help take care of the kids, and it can be difficult to learn a totally new system of cooking. Luckily, Kidecals offered to send us some labels to try out in the hopes that we won't have any more confusion.

About Kidecals:
" offers personalized, waterproof kid’s name labels and decals.

Our unique kid name labels stick to any surface – including clothes – and are waterproof, dishwasher & washing machine safe! Stick these personalized kids name labels & kids name tags on easily lost items such as water bottles and mittens so they get quickly returned! With over 80 decal and label designs to meet trends and interests, there is a style of personalized labels for everyone – even grownups! Kidecals makes custom labels for birthdays, weddings, or other events. A great way to personalize a party!

We also offer hand-painted kids wall decals for an instant mural in any room of the house. These PVC free decals are removable and repositionable."

My Take:
As you can see by the fact that I had already used some stickers before remembering to take pictures of the label sheets, I was incredibly excited to be able to try Kidecals. When you buy the meat/dairy labels at a Jewish store, you get maybe 10 or 20 labels at a time, and once they are stuck to something they never come off. I also have no idea how dishwasher safe those labels are, so I hesitate to use them. With the Kidecals, I got 120 labels, and I know that I can use them on everything from plastic containers to pots and pans. I've had issues with needing to throw away plastic containers that have broken, so the fact that I can take these stickers off and then reapply them somewhere else is huge! They're also waterproof and dishwasher safe, and so far none of the labels that we've used have come off or started to peel. You can also feel how sturdy they are when you peel and place them. I'd love to get some to use on clothing to see how well they stay on fabric.

As you can see, the color of the decals is very bright. This is especially helpful in our situation where we're trying to make sure that meat and milk pans aren't used together. We were also able to get two very different color schemes, and of course there were several more to choose from as well as a wide variety of styles. We decided on the smaller and more plain labels because we wanted to be able to fit them on all types of cookware but still be able to stand out. I think the labels turned out great and fit really well for what we need them to do.

Our dairy labels in action! We were able to find places for the labels very easily, and they were just the right size to go on our pot handles. I'm very excited to label everything in the kitchen, and hopefully we won't have to worry about our dishes getting mixed up any more.

One set of 120 mini (1 x .25 inch) labels is $21 + shipping.

Try them!
Kidecals is offering a 15% off promo code for all "Twinners" readers so you can try them out for yourself! Just enter "kidecals15" at checkout for your discount.

We were sent two sets of labels from Kidecals free of charge for the sole purpose of this review; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.


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